Romania ministry

As a Church, and also as individuals, we are involved in a work for our Lord Jesus Christ, among the gypsy people, in the city of Aiud, Romania.

Several years ago, one of our families went to Romania, on a particular mission assignment.  During their time in Romania, their assignment came to close, but they noticed a definite need among the gypsy people in the Aiud area.  They also met a young Romanian man who was not a gypsy himself, but had a real burden for the gypsy people.  Together with other members of his family a work was started.  A ministry that has grown to the point that they now have a church building, a playground, and a variety of ministries to the needy gypsy people of their area.

We are pleased to hear the reports of what our God is doing in and through this ministry, bringing hope where previously hope was virtually none-existent.  We praise God for the opportunity to be part of this work!  If you desire to be financially involved in supporting the work in Aiud, please contact the church at 403-224-2942.