What Makes Garrington Different?

There are many churches in the towns and rural area surrounding Garrington Community Church.  So, what is it about Garrington Community Church that distinguishes it from the others?

First, we are a Christian church.  There are many religions represented in the world around us, but those who call themselves “Christian” are by that designation claiming to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Second, we are a Community church. that is, we are not affiliated with any denomination.  We have been affiliated with Village Missions of Canada since 1986, and continue to be served by Village Missionaries.  Being a “Community” means that the people that make up Garrington Community Church come from a diverse faith background. This diversity helps us keep our focus on that which is of utmost priority – to lead each other, by example and instruction, to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Third, we are an Evangelical church.  In a day when there is widespread apostasy and ecumenism, the message of many churches is compromised.  We seek to preach the Gospel of Christ, based on God’s Word; to be ministers of His grace to all people; and a “salt and light” influence to our world.